Academia, 2007–present

For teaching, Niels Schrader teams up regularly with specialists from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds, such as programmers, architects, musicians, theoreticians, and human rights activists. Recent collaborators include Lauren Alexander of Foundland, Kévin Bray, Thomas Buxó, Maarten Cornel, Tycho Hupperets, Roosje Klap, Jorinde Seijdel and Alice Temlow.

Lauren Alexander and Niels Schrader, in particular, have run together a number of large-scale research and design projects with collaborators outside of the academic environment. Recent projects include exhibitions and joint workshops:

Opening of Models for Humanity at Theater Amsterdam. Photo by Roel Backaert Opening of Declaring Reason at Museum Meermanno, The Hague. Photo by Frank Jansen Temporary Assembly of Borderless States at Waag Society’s Theatrum Anatomicum. Photo by Jeroen van Amelsvoort Publication produced during the Political Patterns workshop by means of risograph printing. Budget Dreams, winning contribution by Alice Fialová. Photo by Medina Resic What’s Inside the Koffer?, winning contribution by Tereza Rullerová. Photo by Roel Backaert