Panel talk during the Testimonies of Change student exhibition – Photo by Karolina Uskakovych

Academia, 2007–present

For teaching, Niels Schrader teams up regularly with specialists from different disciplines and cultural backgrounds, such as programmers, architects, musicians, theoreticians, journalists, environmentalists and human rights activists. Recent collaborators include Lauren Alexander, Ramon Amaro, Kévin Bray, Thomas Buxó, Sheena Calvert, Maarten Cornel, Linda van Deursen, Mijke van der Drift, Tycho Hupperets, Pascal de Man, Roosje Klap, Jorinde Seijdel and Alice Temlow. Projects include exhibitions, lectures, publications and joint workshops. In the past, Schrader has initiated with partners from outside the academic environment a number of large-scale research projects. These institutions include governmental and non-governmental organisations like i.a. the Dutch Parliament, the Dutch Ministry of Finance, the National Library, Free Press Unlimited, Greenpeace, Hivos and Amnesty International.

  • June 2017, Declaring Reason, in collaboration with Museum Meermanno, The Hague
  • December 2016, Borderless States, in collaboration with Waag Society, Amsterdam
  • May 2016, Political Patterns, on display at Glasmoog exhibition space, Cologne
  • April 2016, Speculations on Trust and Currency, in collaboration with Stichting Bitcoin Nederland
  • February 2016, Budget Dreams, in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Finance
  • Augustus 2015, Crypto Design Challenge, in collaboration with Bits of Freedom and on display at the MOTI – Museum of the Image, Breda (the Netherlands)
  • March 2015, Unmapping the World, on display at the International Poster and Graphic Design Festival Chaumont (France)
  • July 2014, Solidarity or Solo, in collaboration with Open! – Platform for Art, Culture & the Public Domain
  • February 2014, What’s Inside the Koffer?, in collaboration with the Dutch Ministry of Finance
Book launch of student publication How Would You Like to Get Lampooned, My Lord? in collaboration with the National Library – Photo by Roel Backaert Student exhibition Plastic Justice during the Plastic Health Summit 2021 – Photo by Roel Backaert Project kick-off Facts Not Filters in collaboration with Free Press Unlimited – Photo by Roel Backaert Project kick-off Who Speaks? at the Dutch Parliament – Photo by Roel Backaert Six Degrees of Separation exhibition at De Besturing, The Hague – Photo by Roel Backaert Project kick-off Six Degrees of Separation at excavation site of the Victory Boogie Woogietunnel – Photo by Roel Backaert Opening of Views from Above at Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. – Photo by Sofia de Benedictes Dictionary of Freedom, three-day workshop on migration at the Royal College of Art, London. Opening of Models for Humanity at Theater Amsterdam. – Photo by Roel Backaert Opening of Declaring Reason at Museum Meermanno, The Hague. – Photo by Frank Jansen Temporary Assembly of Borderless States at Waag Society’s Theatrum Anatomicum. – Photo by Jeroen van Amelsvoort Publication produced during the Political Patterns workshop by means of risograph printing. Budget Dreams, winning contribution by Alice Fialová. – Photo by Medina Resic What’s Inside the Koffer?, winning contribution by Tereza Rullerová. – Photo by Roel Backaert