Vital Architecture, 2016

ISBN 978-94-6208-283-0

Vital Architecture is a publication by Dutch architects Ruurd Roorda and Bas Kegge that examines the general principles of sustainable architecture. Based on different criteria like robustness, expandability or public value, it compares historical buildings of a long usable life span with modern structures of short longevity. In their analysis, the architects zoom in on 20 individual buildings around the world, from the Pantheon in Rome to the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. The buildings are meticulously described, interpreted, and documented with plans, cross sections, diagrams, and photographs by Roel Backaert.

Most of the book is printed in only two spot colors that through overprint allows for a detailed highlighting of distinguished elements in the construction drawings and a cost-effective printing process. Advanced visualizations like timelines, location maps, and common reference height lines help to make the subjects comparable throughout the publication and place them into historic context.

Vital Architecture was selected for the Student selection of the Best Dutch Book Designs 2016.

texts and drawings: Ruurd Roorda and Bas Kegge; photography: Roel Backaert; published by: nai010