Create Your Own Calendar, 2015

interactive archive

Create Your Own Calendar (Maak Je Eigen Agenda) is an interactive installation originally presented in the entrance hall of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK). The installation comprises 11 calendars that provide insight into the vision and work of painter and former head of the Fine Arts Department Johan van Oord.

Each academic year during his tenure Van Oord compiled a calendar with personal notes, appointments and sketches. Together, these beautiful books form an intimate picture of his reign and mentorship.

programming: Amir Houieh

Projection onto the back of a 2 m glass cabinet. – All photos by Roel Backaert The glass cabinet was originally designed by Dutch architect Jan Willem Eduard Buijs. The eleven journals include a great diversity of handwritten notes and observations. Daylight beamer projecting onto a semi-transparent sticker foil. A touchpad interface enables browsing through selected pages of the journals.