Interscape, 2004


The publication-exhibition Interscape is the result of an experimental student’s workshop on curating, initiated by the University of Amsterdam and the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam and led by Suzanne van de Ven. It was presented to the public at Stedelijk Museum Bureau Amsterdam (SMBA) on January 8, 2004.

Interscape, a neologism, composed of a prefix and a suffix, suggesting an inbetween, has taken the medium book as its experimental exhibition platform. Constituting structure for this platform is a matrix – an archetypical notation, originally derived from mathematics to index content. Determining enough to provide a steady basis, and simultaneously allowing for differing contributions and interventions, the code-structure of the matrix provides the exhibition-architecture that accommodates all parties and elements involved in the coming about of an exhibition.

Benoît Goupy, Roderick Hietbrink, Arjan Janssen, Gert-Jan Prins and Peter Stel were invited to make their individual interventions in Interscape’s space. Usually working on an in situ basis with different media in a three-dimensional space, ranging from video and sound to more physical installations, they have conceived their work from and within the fundamental matrix-grid designed by Niels Schrader, changing the given temporal and spatial parameters of Interscape as such.

Interscape became what it now may be understood as: an imprint of an exhibition trajectory as an exhibition in the shape of a book. We’ve chosen to simply call it a publication-exhibition; and hope it is something you will enjoy and will continue to enjoy.

editing: Alexandra Landré, Jennifer Kanary, Takako Kondo, Antonis Pittas, Jennifer Steetskamp, Steven ten Thije and Suzanne van de Ven