Buitengaats / Offshore, 2014

data visualization of Dutch art and culture

Buitengaats / Offshore is a cultural mapping initiative that tracks the international activities of Dutch organizations and artists. The database with a total of 13,211 activities allows for a comprehensive analysis of scope, significance and effectiveness of Dutch art and culture abroad. The 2014 edition of Buitengaats / Offshore includes an extended essay by Frans Timmermans, Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, in which he stresses the importance of maintaining the cross-cultural exchange.

The folder compiles the figures for all the major sectors in different types of charts. Main feature of the publication is a cartogram of the world that visualizes the spacial distribution of events. Additional graphs present the dynamic developments over time.

programming: Michał Ejdys; printing: Robstolk

Buitengaats / Offshore contains different types of data visualizations. A map on the front page presents the geographical distribution of activities. As an extra feature, it highlights also the most frequented venues per city. The analysis is based on a total of 13,211 activities outside the Netherlands. A treemap with the sector and country analysis shows the distribution of activities per sector and country. To visualize the decrease or increase of activities over the year, the events per country chart displays the number of activities relative to 2013. The top 3 frequent travelers in every sector and their activities per country. A stacked graph describes the evolution of different cultural sectors between 2009 and 2013. Buitengaats / Offshore 2014 introduces the new Cities calendar to indicate the peaks per city over a year.